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At Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, our Sacramento oral surgery experts provide patients with the comfortable setting they need in order to go through with their procedure without fear or concern. We have a vast knowledge of oral health. If you have various questions regarding your procedure, we can provide you with the answers to alleviate your stress. We take the time to inform you of the procedure, why your issue occurred, and what to expect during and after surgery.

Our patients are extremely important to us, but your health is the most important. We have provided information that could prove to be beneficial for you regarding oral health care. We encourage you to read through the pages and learn more about what you can do before, during, and after your oral surgery. If you have questions that you need answered, we are here for you.

Preventive Care

Whether you still have your natural teeth or you've obtained new, restored teeth, you should promote an oral environment that is clean and well-controlled. At Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we can give you advice about preventing cavities, preventing oral disease and preserving your teeth. Ask about oral hygiene instructions during your appointment. Until then, you may want to follow these guidelines:
•  Brush twice daily
•  Use a toothbrush with soft bristles
•  Floss nightly
•  Use an up-and-down technique, pressing the floss against the tooth surface
•  Do not smoke or use tobacco
•  Do not consume an abundance of sugary food
•  Eat a nutritious, balanced diet
•  Use an antiseptic mouthwash as directed by your doctor

Preventing Infections

At , we take every precaution to prevent cases of infection after oral surgery procedures. Maintaining a sterile environment is the main way we achieve this, which may seem simple, but it is a very important step. We do everything possible to ensure your experience is safe, comfortable, and clean.

In our office, we follow these requirements:
•  We wear proper surgical masks, gowns, and gloves.
•  We use brand new, disposable equipment or sterilize after use.
•  We wash our hands thoroughly, at the start of each day, followed by repeat washings before and after wearing gloves, and after touching any non-sterilized surfaces.


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