If you're seeking a durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solution to replace missing top or bottom teeth, All-On-4 could be your ideal solution. Designed to mimic natural teeth closely, these permanent dentures leverage four strategically placed dental implants to support a full-arch prosthesis.

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you on your journey toward a vibrant, confident smile. Read on to explore the benefits, procedure, and care associated with All-On-4 dentures, and discover why they are a preferred choice for many of our patients.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are meticulous installments that are used to re-establish the root of a lacking tooth. The titanium screws and cylinders are secured into the jawbone, where they can reinforce a single tooth or multiple teeth. The screws can also support a bridge, tooth crown, partial dentures, or removable dentures. 

If missing teeth are causing problems in your life, a dental implant can open new doors and improve your self-esteem. Teeth are the first thing people notice; Sacramento Surgical Arts can help you make a great first impression!

All-On-4® Dentures

All-On-4 dentures provide a new row of permanent teeth that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. This efficient and effective teeth replacement procedure relies on four strategically placed dental implants to support a full-arch prosthesis. If you are looking for a permanent solution to missing top or bottom teeth, your dentist at Sacramento Surgical Arts is available to help. Contact our Yuba City, CA oral and maxillofacial surgery center today to get the best results!

Benefits Of All-On-4®

Stability Even In Minimum Bone Volume

By tilting the two implants in the back, longer implants can be used in patients who have lost quite a bit of bone in their jaw. Your Yuba City, CA oral surgeon can increase bone-to-implant contact in order to decrease the need for bone grafting. The tilted posterior (back) implants can be anchored in higher-quality bone. This added stability reduces rocking that may occur and thus improves support of the implant-supported denture.

Planning WithNobelGuide®

All-On-4 dentures can be planned and performed using NobelGuide to ensure accurate diagnostics, planning, and implant placement. The NobelGuide software allows your Yuba City, CA dentist to view detailed diagnostics. A few of these include the following:

  • Identification of available bone
  • Pre-surgery virtual implant placement
  • Precise dental implant placement

Your permanent dentures are placed according to each patient’s anatomical and prosthetic needs. Before your surgery, your Yuba City, CA oral surgeon will order an individualized surgical template. NobelGuide ensures guided and, therefore, exact implant placement of your dental implants.

All-On-4® Offers Prosthetic Flexibility

With the All-On-4 dentures, our patients benefit from immediate implant-supported restoration. This includes a temporary tooth restoration that your dentist screws onto the implants right after surgery. Final solutions for the All-On-4 treatment concept include both fixed prostheses, such as NobelProcera implant bridge titanium with acrylic veneering, or individual NobelProcera crowns cemented to the bridge framework. Removable solutions, such as acrylic overdentures on a NobelProcera implant bar overdentures, are also available.

Faster Healing Time With Permanent Dentures

The All-On-4 treatment concept allows the dentists at Sacramento Surgical Arts to streamline the time needed for dental implant surgery. Our goal is to give you the smile you’ve always wanted over the course of only a few months. The procedure is a bit more intense than having a root canal, but we offer plenty of dental sedation options to make the experience as pleasant as possible. A good Yuba City, CA endodontist can perform a root canal, if necessary, in only an hour or two. To learn more about the costs, risks, and rewards of dental implants, contact our office today!

Get Advice From Your Yuba City Oral Surgeon

Dental implants serve the purpose of not only establishing a functional and supportive connection between the implant and your jawbone, but also ensuring a seamless integration through the process known as osseointegration. This essential procedure securely fastens the implant’s root to your jawbone. 

At Sacramento Surgical Arts, our team of highly skilled and experienced oral surgeons specializes in the art of dental implantation. With a deep understanding of the latest techniques and advancements in the field, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and delivering successful outcomes for our patients with All-On-4. We take pride in our commitment to staying at the forefront of dental implantation practices, ensuring that each individual receives the highest level of expertise and personalized treatment. 

Rest assured that when you choose Sacramento Surgical Arts, you are choosing a team of professionals who are passionate about restoring your smile and improving your oral health.

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